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How are your cards made?

Our cards are laser cut with precision and individually hand assembled with care.  

What kind of paper do you use?

We order high-quality weighted paper sourced responsibly, to create a vibrant, durable, and long-lasting inspirational greeting card!

What comes with my order?

Each greeting card comes with a simple white envelope wrapped in a plastic sleeve encasing.  The envelopes do NOT come with any sealing adhesive.  If you are sending the greeting card, you will need to select an adhesive to seal your card.

The card I received is slightly different from the picture.  Why is this?

Since we order our high quality paper from different suppliers based on availability, there may be some slight details, such as color shade that may differ from the model picture.  Also, our cards are hand assembled so we try to limit as many small discrepancies as possible.  Again, if you are not completely satisfied please feel free to send any card(s) back to us for a refund. 

Can Kiri Kards write a message in my purchased card and send them to the card recipient on my behalf?

Sorry, we currently do not offer this service, but check back with us later!